The Delta Quadrant

Story: Caretaker
Written By: Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

The long and ardous task of reviewing Voyager is here. This is not my favorite show, but I’d like to watch it all and give my opinion of where it went wrong…Enterprise too (though I have actually already seen that one through). So here goes nothin’!
The Maquis were created in Deep Space 9. They were a reaction to the shaky treaty made between the Federation and the Cardassians to end war. Some planets in Federation space were given to Cardassians. Members of the Federation were either forced to vacate their homes or live under Cardassian rule. The Maquis were formed to fight the Cardassians. Fight for their homes and their freedom. Star Trek: Voyager began as a show about two crews, one Maquis and one Federation, trapped on the wrong side of the Galaxy, working and fighting together to get home.

So lets pretend I haven’t seen any Voyager after this pilot. Lets pretend this is all I know. How is Caretaker? It’s okay. It’s a decent pilot. Introduces us to the characters, the ship, the basic plot…it does its job. It isn’t the best episode in the world, but if I were judging on that scale then I’d have to disregard “Encounter at Farpoint” and “Emissary” Both were rather mundane or just okay episodes, but they set up their respective series (two series that I love). I’ll admit I that I think DS9’s opener actually gets better when you’ve seen the whole series…but I kind of doubt this one does, since its characterizations aren’t that exciting.

So “Caretaker” as a pilot is okay. Essentially the plot is about this being in the badlands that sends two ships into the Delta Quadrant. One Maquis, one Starfleet…the show continues with the crews investigating it, and eventually leading to the Maquis ship being destroyed and its crew rescued by Voyager, and Janeway letting this odd being known as the Caretaker die, their only way back home. It’s going to be a REALLY long trip (for the crew and the audience).

NEXT TIME: Technobabble