The Killer in Dax

Story: Field of Fire
Written By: Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1999

Another bad Ezri focused episode. I know they had like one season to give her episodes, but I don’t think anyone wanted to watch half of the last DS9 season getting to know a new version of an old character. They should have dropped her from the word go, and just continued the show with no replacement. Let’s focus on Sisko, lets give Jake an episode, lets have some time with Bashir and O’Brien, or have Worf dealing with Dax’s death more. Instead we get this terrible and boring episode about Ezri trying to catch a killer (why she’s on the job is anyone’s guess) and channeling her memories from Joran to do so.
Joran was interesting in the story that introduced his existence, and had a chilling scene in “Facets” when inside Sisko. Here he just comes off as boring and lame. I’m not really sure what the writers and producers were thinking. They got this idea of a new Dax, an uncomfortable Dax, someone not ready to be joined…and they thought of all these avenues to take her in…then realized it’s the last goddamned season. Her arc could have easily been interesting if they had 2 or 3 seasons to develop, but half a season before the 10-hour arc is ridiculous to try and showcase all these ideas that have no business detracting from the plots and characters we’ve stuck with all these years.

If the Ezri stories were even good it might be a different story, but most of them aren’t even fun or captivating or smart at all.

NEXT TIME: A Changeling Like Odo