Story: Resistance
Written By: Lisa Klink
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

What a sloppily written mess. Apparently something broke on the ship. I say apparently because whatever it was doesn’t get much attention since it is just the lazy reason the characters are on this dangerous mission on some dangerous planet to retrieve some MacGuffin item to fix whatever is broken in the warpcore. The episode begins with them receiving the item and all hell breaking loose. Neelix escapes with the item and is able to get the ship fixed…but Tuvok and Torres are caught and jailed…and Janeway is knocked out and rescued by some lunatic who thinks she is his daughter.
From there it goes from boring scene to uninteresting scene before making to a dull scene. The episode moves at about 5 mph. It is slow and boring and about 50% of it actually makes any sense.

So yeah…skip this one at all costs.