Neelix vs. Paris

Story: Parturition
Written By: Tom Szollosi
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

I could care less about Neelix and Paris competing for Kes. It is ridiculous. She seems to prefer Neelix, but lord knows why. He is an asshole, he is jealous and acts like a fool ALL the time around her and everyone else and treats her like she is a slut 50% of the time for just being near Paris. The fact that she can’t see Tom likes her is retarded.
This whole competition leads to Neelix and Tom fighting physically, and wouldn’t you know it…its just before they are being called to Janeway’s office! Wacky since they are now covered in nasty Neelix food. She decides to send them on a mission together; she even guesses that they may be fighting…PERCEPTIVE. But now we get the wacky “stuck on a mission together” story. This episode is wacky.

But of course they can’t grow to like each other while actually working on a mission, it’s a now generic Trek plot of “odd couple crashes and have to lean on each other to survive”. You know TNG and DS9 were able to pull off these generic plot devices far better…maybe because they got a crack at them first…but really I think its because they had more interesting characters. On the planet they are meant to find food they only find itchy vapors in the air, and a baby dinosaur. What?

It’s a weird yet unique storyline. I’ll give them that, but it takes to long to get going. It takes forever to get to the weird baby dinosaur plot to be completely interesting.