Story: Cold Fire
Written By: Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1995

This one doesn’t have a terribly unbelievable plot, or really even a bad one…its just boring though. Its pacing is all wrong, everything…moves…so…slowly.
When the remains of the Caretaker start moving (apparently after he died in the pilot they shoved him in a jar in sickbay) they decide they are finally getting close to the mate he mentioned before he died. What they do find is a space station, filled with Ocampa…that is apparently shocking even to Kes. These Ocampa claim Voyager has a reputation of death and destruction. The main guy (who is played so stiff most of the time you’d think he was a Vulcan…and actually the actor would go on to play Soval in Enterprise) takes a liking to Kes and attempts to open her telepathic abilities…most of which deals with feeling life before destroying it with her mind fire.

It isn’t all bad, but its pace is so slow that you just get frustrated part way through and wish it would get on with it. I did like the caretaker’s mate, Suspiria, who was played chillingly well by a little girl when in human form, but the plot kind of haphazardly ends and Suspiria escapes…I guess so we can meet again someday and she can’t solve their problem now. I can all already see a plausible means of getting home NOT being used already!

NEXT TIME: Return of Seska