You Will Not Have This Day

Story: Tacking Into the Wind
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1999

Two main stories and a minor one this round. First is the Kira-Damar storyline. Odo’s disease has rapidly progressed, and he is hiding it from Kira (though she is just pretending not to know for his sake). He is not looking well at all when he can’t hold hiding it any longer. Meanwhile Damar’s top man is still prodding Kira, annoyed with her presence and believes that her only goal is to continue killing Cardassians. But when Damar gets word that the Dominion have found and murdered his family, it reminds Kira of the occupation, and she makes a statement, which clearly hits Damar hard.
The attempt to steal a Jem’Hadar fighter being equipped with the Breen weapon that destroyed the Defiant, but have to wait for the Breen to finish installing it. The Kira confrontation comes to a head when Damar’s man points his gun at her and plans to kill her and leave before they are caught and before the weapon is installed. Damar makes his choice, and he kills his man, the new Cardassia is going to be different.

The other main story involves Gowron’s run of the Klingon troops. He is wasting valuable men and equipment on fool’s errands. Sending Martok into unwinable fights to humiliate him, so he can force him out. Worf wants Martok to fight Gowron and become Chancellor, but that is not the man Martok is. He is honorable.

But Worf talks to Ezri, and her opinion really cuts to the core of the whole Klingon arc that began way back in “Sins of the Father”. The Klingon Empire is dying. It is filled with people who always claim they hold honor above all else, and yet corrupt men have always run it. From Duras and the Chancellor we met way back when, up to Gowron and the whole damn council. They’d rather hide their own dishonor and traitors and sins in order to “save the Empire”. Worf finally realizes that he can no longer sit and just accept this corrupt system.

So when Gowron plans another shitty assault and Martok stops questioning him, Worf takes initiative, and tells Gowron he is being an ass. They fight to the death, Gowron loses…and Worf is being crowned Chancellor, before he quickly tells them that Martok is the right man for the job, even if he doesn’t want it. It is badass. I’m glad that the Klingon Emprie finally has a leader that really does uphold the honor and warrior spirit that Klingons have always claimed to have.

The smallest story basically involves Bashir continuing his efforts to find a cure for Odo. He and O’Brien decide to come up with a plan to claim they have a cure, to lure a member of Section 31 to the station, and find out the cure from him.

This episode rules. The Kira storyline is well written and executed and I couldn’t be happier about the path the Klingons are finally taking with Martok at the helm.

NEXT TIME: Weak Link