The Butcher of Gallitep

Story: Duet
Written By: Lisa Rich, Jeanne Carrigan-Fauci and Peter Allan Fields
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1993

Fantastic episode. This really showed the potential for this show early on. In the end it is one of DS9’s finest hours, right up to the end it remains amongst the top five episodes.
Basically a Cardassian with a medical condition that was only contracted by people at one of the Occupation Labor Camps arrives on the station. Kira liberated that camp, she knows what happened to Bajorans there…and she wants this Cardassian involved in their torture and deaths punished.

The episode has no B-story; it takes its time and focuses on this one tale, this simple story that has many a good rant from this Cardassian. It is dramatic as hell, and it is an intense watch. The final moments in which Kira has clearly learned something from the experience are really well performed.

All kudos to Nana Visitor, who acts her heart out this episode, as well as guest star Harris Yulin who is amazing in his performance as a man who proves that only Bajorans where affected by the occupation…some Cardassians did too.