Wesley’s Last Stand

Story: Journey’s End
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Year: 1994

In both TNG and DS9 there was this emerging storyline about the Cardassian/Federation treaty that had bad results for some members of the Federation who’s homes now fell under Cardassian jurisdiction. This episode deals with a trail of tears sort of situation in which Picard is being forced by his superiors to force some people from their homes, people who had Native American ancestors. It makes Picard feel a little weird.
The other story here is the Wesley Crusher. This is Wesley’s last story in TNG, and despite a cameo and deleted scene in “Star Trek: Nemesis” this would be the last time he really has anything to do in Star Trek.

Much like his original exit and his great return in “The First Duty”, I’d say this is a pretty solid episode. He doesn’t like what the Federation is doing, he thinks they may have given up to much to the Cardassians (they really did as the consequences stretch on to create the Maquis eventually).

Wesley’s story ends up where it had been originally hinted at in the first season episode “Where No One Has Gone Before” and continued in “Remember Me”. He ends up living as some kind of supernatural being with the Traveler. What a weird way to wrap up this character. But it works in a way. Ronald D. Moore has said he felt there was a contradiction in Wesley, they made him out to be the super genius and yet he is just going to the academy like any other person. And in a way he’s right. I think the contradiction of Wesley was inconsistent writing early on and poor judgment…they did make him TOO smart. But that damage was done, and Moore wrapped him up the best he could.

This is a solid episode, it gives Wesley a strong ending, whether or not you agree with the weird Traveler thing or not, I think it is solid and makes a certain kind of sense.

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