The Circle is Broken

Story: The Siege
Written By: Michael Piller
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1993

In the grand scheme of things, this episode and the two preceding it are only okay, but at the time a three-part story was pretty bold for a Star Trek show…the audience was mostly used to standalones, this was a new direction, one that would later be expanded to even longer running arcs.
The story is decent, this time it’s a battle between our crew and the Circle on the station. It is a decent little adventure, but there just isn’t the depth to it. It lacks some of the character and plot nuances that would this show really thrives on, so in that regard it loses something.

The Li Nalas tale is sort of lame too, he gets no real development but he gives his life at the end? Sort of a waste of a character with some potential…even if they still kill him off there was plenty they could have done with him in this three parter that they did not. I chuck it up to the writers still trying to figure it all out, how to write longer stories and how to really use our characters and plots well…this is only the start of the second season...theres some time left to work out the kinks yet.

Even with my gripes these three are still a perfectly enjoyable trilogy, there are rocky issues, but nothing too detrimental to the enjoyment of the series and the episodes themselves.

NEXT TIME: Stealing the Symbiont