Story: A Man Alone
Written By: Gerald Sanford and Michael Piller
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1993

This episode is interesting in the way it sets the tone for DS9. It is essentially a standalone story, a murder investigation with Odo as the prime suspect. Pretty much standard Trek. But what is really interesting is that the character development in this episode is top notch.
We get the issue that Keiko isn’t entirely pleased with O’Brien’s transfer to the station; she hates it there and doesn’t want to raise their daughter on this undesirable place. We get more on the background between Sisko and Dax, their history together, and the awkwardness Sisko is currently having with the Dax he knew now being an attractive young woman. Then we get Bashir, clearly attracted to Jadzia, and her clear lack of interest. There are the beginnings of the friendship between Jake and Nog. Also there is Kira and Odo, a sense that they are friends…and Quark and Odo.

Quark and Odo’s adversarial relationship is given the first hint that Quark possibly likes Odo, and enjoys their jabs at each other. I love that this would remain a theme throughout the series, cropping up from time to time.

So despite the rather average plot, we get so much great character development that it is almost impossible to not like this story.

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