Picard Never Hit Me

Story: Q-Less
Written By: Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Hannah Louise Shearer
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1993

Q’s lone appearance in DS9 is a decent episode, but not really the best. I like it for a few reasons: The first is that I love John De Lancie as Q, and I think he does a decent job. The Second is that I like a certain moment where Sisko clock him in the mouth. Q exclaims that Picard never hit him, to which Sisko responds “I’m not Picard”. It was a great way for the writers to really put some distance between TNG and DS9 and say “look we all love TNG too, but this is NOT TNG.”
So yeah, not a tremendous episode, but for what it tries to do I can’t say it is horrible to sit through either.