Li Nalas

Story: The Homecoming
Written By: Jeri Taylor and Ira Steven Behr
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1993

Kira and O’Brien take a runabout to Cardassia IV to rescue Bajoran prisoners still being held in slave labor camps. One of them is a legend of the Bajoran people a man who killed a Gul and is a hero amongst the people of Bajor. Kira believes he could unite a politically torn Bajor.
They are able to save him and a few other prisoners, but the man isn’t the hero he is perceived to be…he killed the Gul, but it wasn’t as heroic as the Bajorans made it out to be. He is embarrassed and annoyed by the hero worship.

All the while a group known as “the circle” are leaving their mark on the Station and Bajor…they want “Bajor for the Bajorans”, and they seem to be against any other lifeform near them.

In the end Kira is punished for going to Cardassia IV against the wishes of the provisional government, since she rescued Li Nalas, she is just promoted…and taken away from her assignment to the station. And so begins Star Trek’s first ever three part arc.

NEXT TIME: Recalled to Bajor