Dr. Mora Pol

Story: The Alternate
Written By: Jim Trombetta and Bill Dial
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1994

Here is a decent development for the character of Odo. The scientist who discovered him, Dr. Mora, has come to the station with possible evidence of more shapeshifters.
They get a sample from some planet, and it begins to wreak havoc on the station. But it isn’t really the sample…it is Odo, affected by some toxins on that planet.
I like that Odo and the Doctor have a bit of a strained relationship. Life for Odo has been difficult, and this is the guy that first experimented on him. This old scientist spent his life working with Odo, and it eventually tore them apart, and Odo left…he wishes Odo would return. It is interesting.

NEXT TIME: Harvesters