Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 2 Recap

The second season definitely felt like there was a bit of direction, unlike the first season, which was just another decent Trek show. This season had several references to the Gamma Quadrant’s biggest force, “The Dominion”…who are finally revealed in the finale…well most aspects of the Dominion are anyhow.

The characters are all taking shape, the plots are still solid if not as good as they will be, and the storyline of the overall show is beginning to become clear. All in all, if the first season was only “decent” the second is that step towards “incredible”…but it is the steppingstone.

This season gave the show a better direction; it began to set it on the course of the Dominion War, which would dominate the series in its final three years…but this and the next season where just the beginnings of an arc that changed Star Trek and the Alpha Quadrant forever.

NEXT TIME: Finding the Founders