Winn Adami

Story: In the Hands of the Prophets
Written By: Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1993

The finale of DS9’s premiere season is pretty solid. It deals with a subject matter that goes onto be rather important in the future of DS9 mythology: Bajoran mysticism and the Prophets. It also introduces two important recurring characters in Vedek Winn and Vedek Bareil.
Winn comes onto the station and has a problem with some of the curriculum in Keiko’s school. She is teaching about the Wormhole aliens, Winn wants them to be taught as the Prophets. It is basically a comment on Evolution vs. Creationism being taught in US Public schools. I think Winn is a great character, who you really love to hate, and Bareil is also a decent character who would later play a role in future episodes.

Like I said, it is a solid episode, a worthy ending to this first season. Is it the best season ender? For this early season yes, but it is forgettable in the grand scheme of things.

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