Come to an End

Story: All Good Things…
Written By: Brannon Braga & Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Year: 1994

The final episode of the show that successfully proved the longevity of the whole franchise is a great sentimental piece showcasing some of the best aspects of TNG. I love the episode, it has pretty much everything you’ve come to love about TNG…Q, some unknown entity, time travel…and most importantly, it is about our characters. It obviously focuses more so on Picard but it gives us a glimpse on where our characters currently are (season 7), where they came from (just before “Encounter at Farpoint”), and where they could potentially end up (a future).
Picard is shifting through time, as an entity is growing and shrinking at each point in time…and Q is watching Picard. It is eventually revealed that Q is still keeping Picard and humanity on trial…it is a fantastic bookend from the pilot to now…wrapping TNG up in a nice little package.

It has sentiment and great characterization, and it can be both dramatic and funny. The final scene in which the long running officer’s weekly poker game is in progress…and our captain finally joins in. It has a great final shot, above the poker table with Picard dealing and stating “the skies the limit”.

The Next Generation lasted seven long successful years, and you know what? The sky was the limit.

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