Nikolai Rozhenko

Story: Homeward
Written By: Naren Shankar
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Year: 1994

We meet Worf’s foster brother, who is kind of a weirdo. He has been living amongst some people, the Boraalans, and he attempts to save their lives even though they are on a doomed planet, and it will break the Prime Directive. It is sort of a lame prime directive episode.
Like “Birthright” and “Rightful Heir”, it sort of showcases how dry the well of Klingon and Worf storylines really is. Did we need to meet this brother? No. Is he all that interesting? Not really. Which is sort of sad because I like Paul Sorvino as an actor.

The episode doesn’t do much that is new or interesting in terms of plot, and the characters don’t do much of interest to warrant its existence. Lame.

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