Village of Holograms

Story: Shadowplay
Written By: Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1994

This one is kinda pointless in the long run but it is well executed and definitely well thought out. It features Dax and Odo in the Gamma Quadrant discover a mysterious village where some of the villagers seem to be mysteriously disappearing. Dax discovers that they are all, in fact, holograms, and that the main computer source is on the fritz. When they try to do a reboot, they discover one man is not a hologram.
Things that are of value are that is makes mention that the man who created the holograms did so after the Dominion killed everyone else in his village. I like the little hints of this so-called “Dominion” peppered throughout the season, leading up to the finale.

It also has a nice plot for Odo, who becomes friends with a little girl hologram, it has some decent dialogue and scenes. The little girl is a hell of a lot better in this episode than she was in TNG’s “Imaginary Friend”.

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