Story: Suspicions
Written By: Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Year: 1993

“Suspicions” has a decent premise, a solid story, and some good one off characters, but the execution is piss-poor. Instead of telling the story straight, they decided to make is told mostly in flashback form. I don’t like it when they tell most of a story in flashback, and then part way through they say “there is the unfinished story, now I gotta go finish it!”
The narration and scenes with Crusher and Guinan really drag the episode down, which it is unfortunate. Guinan used to prod characters to do something without schemes and without actually ever saying anything. That is what made her character kind of mystical and wise, she would go talk to Worf, and slightly suggest what he needed to do, and he would do it. This time she just complains about a fake ailment, tells Crusher exactly what to do, and then admits that she faked the ailment just to tell Crusher exactly what to do. That isn’t wise…that’s pushy.

I liked that there was a Ferengi scientist, we have gotten to the point in the series where DS9 is up and running, and the Ferengi of TNG-yesterday are no more. We got a slightly more serious take on them. Without Ferengi scientists they never would have got to space. Its nice to see them recognizing that for once.. They can’t all be money hungry idiots.

NEXT TIME: The Emperor’s New Clone