Story: Sanctuary
Written By: Gabe Essoe, Kelley Miles and Frederick Rappaport
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1993

Some aliens from the Gamma Quadrant have a destroyed home world, 3 million of them are looking for a mythical world known as Kentanna. They all waltz onto the station, leave their skin everywhere, get into some fights with people, then decide the planet they are looking for is actually Bajor. When the Bajorans say they cannot live there, the only nice one in the bunch suddenly turns into a huge bitch over it…how dare you not let all 3 million of us take up a chunk of your planet, when the Federation has found them a perfectly suitable planet.
I just found it didn’t really tell much of a story, beyond these people being kinda weird and creepy, and demanding more than they should. I came off feeling like they were ungrateful for the help they were given, especially considering they didn’t have to receive any help at all. I think the writers wanted the Bajorans to come off pretty bad, but I don’t think they did a good job.

The only interesting aspect is the second mention of the Dominion, and how it destroyed these people’s planet. Interesting foreshadowing for sure.

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