Story: The Storyteller
Written By: Kurt Michael Bensmiller and Ira Steven Behr
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1993

Bad episode. In the A-story: A group of dumb Bajoran villagers believe that an evil sky creature will destroy them unless every night for a week each year somebody retells them a story until they believe that they can scare the evil sky creature off. Then they are convinced that O’Brien is the new storyteller. These are some dumb villagers.
Meanwhile in the B-story: On Deep Space 9 two Bajoran leaders from different villages are pissed about a land dispute. They have a treaty in which a river separates their villages…but the Cardassians moved the river a bit. But now the leader of one of the villages is a young girl…her parents both dead. She hangs out with Jake and Nog in a mostly go-nowhere story.

It is an episode that just doesn’t properly focus on any of our characters, which is where this show really shined right from the get go. It could have been great if it focused on O’Brien and Bashir better, beyond one conversation between them in the runabout. O’Brien doesn’t like him at this point, which makes sense, they are different guys, but I love where their relationship eventually goes.

NEXT TIME: Self-sealing stem bolts