Planet of the Amish

Story: Paradise
Written By: Jeff King, Richard Manning, Hans Beimler, Jim Trombetta and James Crocker
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1994

O’Brien and Sisko get trapped on a planet incapable of using technology, and cannot beam back up to the runabout. They find a small band of villagers on the planet, who crashed 10 years prior, and they have learned to live without technology. They are the future Amish.
But O’Brien and Sisko are hopeful for a rescue, and while the villagers seem pleasant enough, the leader is a total dictator who refuses to acknowledge a rescue and wishes to force O’Brien and Sisko to join the cult. She even hands out justice by shoving people into a tiny box…which she ends up doing to Sisko.

It turns out that reason no one can use technology, is because she has hidden a tech-block-out device in the woods, to keep anyone from leaving. She is taken to be punished by the Federation at the end of the episode, but the villagers choose to stay. It is an entertaining episode, but not all that important.

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