Martus Mazur

Story: Rivals
Written By: Jim Trombetta, Michael Piller and Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1994

An El-Aurian opens up a rival bar that steals Quark’s customers with an odd little game. The problem is the A-story isn’t as fun to watch as the B-story. The B-story involves a racquetball rivalry between O’Brien and Bashir. The O’Brien/Bashir story is a big step in building their friendship, which eventually is one of the best friendships in all of Trek.
But then the story turns into a goofy good luck bad luck comedy. It is kind of lame.

Mostly it is average to mediocre, it doesn’t thrill or have that great a story, but I like the relationships that build with Julian and the Chief.

NEXT TIME: Odo’s Kind