Story: I, Borg
Written By: Rene Echevarria
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Year: 1992

This is a stellar episode. The Borg were a fantastic creation, there is no doubt. But having an episode in which the only way out was Q taking them out of the battle, and then one where the only just beat them by the skin of their teeth…it becomes really difficult to bring them back again, without taking the punch of their power out.
So a couple years after “The Best of Both Worlds”, they finally found away. This isn’t a big bold epic adventure like the last story, it is smaller. It has only one Borg. And after a short while studying it and trying to think of a way to implant a virus to destroy the Borg with it…it begins to become attached to our crew.

It is a really well thought out idea, how far can you go to stop a war? Wipe out a whole race? Is that what Starfleet would be reduced to? Especially when one alone can suddenly seem almost harmless.

Like I said, great episode, best possible route to go with the Borg after “The Best of Both Worlds”.

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