29th Century Borg

Story: Drone
Written By: Bryan Fuller and Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

A transporter accident merges some Borg nanoprobes from Seven with the Doctor’s Mobile emitter, and it creates a 29th Century Borg (I’m not sure how despite the emitter being from that century). It is stronger than any other Borg, and they decide to attempt and teach it Starfleet stuff and keep it from the Collective. He begins to assimilate knowledge at a tremendous rate, he is named One, and he really wants to get to know the Borg (know your roots!). It just so happens that the Borg hear this new guy and travel to meet up with Voyager. Conflict!
The idea is sort of a rehash...it reminds me of when Data created his child Lal, or when the enterprise picked up Hugh Borg, and when Voyager first got Seven. The episode is decent enough, kind of pointless in the long run (because yet again they add a new character and then make sure he is gone before the episode ends), but it wasn’t too bad to sit through. The Borg battle stuff is getting a bit tiresome though, and it really didn’t amount to much in the episode. I did like Seven’s reaction to One’s death though.

NEXT TIME: B’Elanna’s Bad Attitude