Horrific Flashbacks

Story: Memorial
Written By: Robin Burger
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

The crew begins to have memories of atrocities they themselves once committed, but their memories seem unsupported by any physical evidence. At first only an away team have the memories...but then the whole crew begin to have the vivid dreams of the actions they may have once taken.
Once they get tot he planet, they discover that they took no part in the actions and atrocities they thought they had...they are being affected by a synaptic transmitter on a memorial that doesn’t just memorialize a tragic event...it makes people relive the event. It is actually a clever idea, and I’m glad they touched on the issues at hand and didn’t turn off the memorial in the end. Adding a warning buoy to let people understand what they are getting into was enough closure for me.

I had low expectations about this one and it’s premise, but I’ll admit to being pleasantly surprised with the end result.