False Crew

Story: Course: Oblivion
Written By: Bryan Fuller & Nick Sagan
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

The episode starts with a wedding between Paris and Torres. Then several other things happen that are completely irrelevant to the series as a whole. See the ship and the characters aren’t the ship and characters we usually watch...but in fact the duplicates created in "Demon". So when people die, make big life decisions, or do anything at all...it has little effect on our main characters.
This duplicate crew is only just now discovering who they are, as their ship is falling apart and crew-members are dying. I don’t even understand in the SLIGHTEST how they duplicated the ship. It makes no sense based on what these crappy writers created in “Demon”, which was a script that lacked focus and a coherent plot.

Duplicate Janeway is still a pretty homicidal nut, who even after discovering shes not the real Janeway continues to try and take the ship to Earth and not back to the Demon class planet where they have a shot or survival. Chakotay claims he doesn’t think she would risk her crew just ot get home. He doesn’t know Janeway, she will kill any and everyone on that ship as long as she and her ship get home.

This episode was at least more focused than “Demon” was, but it’s lack of any lasting effect on our characters just left me wondering what the whole point was. Why bring back these Duplicates just to kill them off? Just not my thing.

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