Doctor Connects to Seven

Story: Body and Soul
Written By: Eric Morris and Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

For some odd reason Ensign Kim, Seven of Nine, and The Doctor take the Delta Flyer out to study meteors ad comets. I’m sure they are vastly different in the Delta Quadrant and that this is a necessary mission for Voyager. Unfortunately they run into an area of space run by a race of aliens who have major issues with “photonics” i.e. The Doctor. So the Doctor hides inside Seven of Nine's Borg Implants. It is an okay episode, it isn’t going to blow anyone away, but watching Jeri Ryan’s Picardo impression was worth the price of admission.
On Voyager a really mini-subplot about Tuvok going through Pon Farr takes place. Luckily it doesn’t really try to be anything too big...which is good because we got Pon Farr in TOS, don’t need to see it again. It also makes sense that he’d have it, it has been 7 years since he could have theoretically had it last. This story crosses over into the A-story when Tuvok’s hologram of his wife is disrupted by the same Photonic-hating aliens.

I think at the very least it seemed as if both the Doctor and Seven got a little bit of growth in this episode, and things weren’t just reset back to normal with everyone returning to their standard position. I mean it isn’t some huge change, but it was nice to see them share a meal. I think it is a massive shame they didn’t explore a Doctor-Seven relationship beyond the platonic one, they are vastly more interesting than Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres.

Decent episode.

NEXT TIME: Kim Offered a Ship