The Void

Story: Night
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

Voyager starts of season 5 in a void, in the context of the show it is a large area of space without any stars, planets, or anything but a big black void. For me it is a perfect metaphor for the series itself. Seeing as I’ve pretty much given up on this series ever having quality, I think the Void represents the lack of original or good ideas left in the Voyager Writing Room.
The crew is bored as hell in this Void, as nothing bad at all seems to happen. Some seem to go a little space happy due to the lack of stars out there. Janeway views of the Void remind her that it is all her fucking fault the crew is stuck in this dire situation. I agree with her, but sulking in her quarters is not changing what she’s already done. Then again its probably best if she just resigns. They of course have her attempt to sacrifice herself for the crew getting home, but the crew refuses the orders and make her stay. Silly. I think it is also bullshit that they act as if Janeway has always felt regret for that decision, she has shown no remorse from the beginning.

In the Void the eventually encounter two alien races, one of which lives in the Void, another which is dumping its pollutants in the Void. There is some average action and diplomatic issues, but all of it is average. I won’t berate this episode for being absolutely awful, because I’ve seen worse...but I’d say this episode is average Voyager. And ultimately the Void and it's effect on the crew is sidelined for a generic "two races at war" kind of plot. What was the point of the Void? They got out of it by the end of the episode.

I did like the holodeck program based on Flash Gordon, but that was a fairly small aspect of the episode, although I know it becomes a running plot-thing in the season.

NEXT TIME: Nanoprobes and a Mobile Emitter