Seven’s Life In Danger

Story: Imperfection
Written By: Carleton Eastlake and Robert Doherty
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Apparently...this episode was initially meant to take place a few slots later in the schedule, but for some odd reason it was moved up to second episode of the season. This is one of those weird decisions I really don’t get, for a couple of reasons. caused continuity problems, like it features the Delta Flyer II and Tom Paris is wearing a wedding ring...but his marriage and the intro to that ship don’t happen until the next episode. Secondly, it is a Borg Malfunction episode (about Seven)...and it is now placed immediately after the big two-part Borg episode (which featured a plot of Borgs not functioning properly in the Collective). So it being moved up just seems really wrong to me. That really has no baring on the episode’s quality...just I find these odd decisions in production to be somewhat perplexing and interesting. How does that happen?
Anyhow Seven says goodbye to three of the four Borg children she has cared for, and begins to showcase some errors in her implants. She is pretty much dying. It is...again just dull. I really don;t want to be so bored by these episodes...but this cast and the editing on this show has lost all of it’s luster. It just feels sloppy.

You know Seven isn’t going to die, you know that Voyager will find the cure, you know the risks are all pretty much false. Then you have the slow pace in the editing, the cast not really giving their all, and music that tends to just make action scenes that could be entertaining slower and less interesting. Remember at the beginning of Voyager’s fourth season when the music was really good? What happened?

I think Voyager not only wore out the Borg, but they wore out the “our crew member is dying we have to save them!” storyline. They did okay with the “learning to face death” story, but it took way to long to get into that. Ugh...about 22 more episodes left.

NEXT TIME: Torres and Paris Get Married