Kes Returns

Story: Fury
Written By: Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Kes returns to Voyager and immediately begins to attack the crew and make her way to the Warp Core, to suck up energy to travel back in time (?) to the first season. She apparently wants to stop herself from developing her powers and go back to her home world...only Tuvok seems to see something is amiss on the Season 1 Voyager.
It is a shame this is the return Kes gives to the show. It is a dull episode with a silly plot and makes Kes the main villain of the story. I’m still unhappy they dropped her from the cast in the first place, but to bring her back, as a villain for a made up reason and have her travel back in time in a made up way with a story that ends up not being real (alternate reality stories with no affect on the real timeline SUCK), it is just a shitty way to bring back Kes.

I wouldn’t have done it this way, I would’ve brought Kes back as this advanced higher being, much the way she had left. She’d be this advnced higher being, maybe manifesting herself as corporeal...and trying to reconnect with her people, but not finding the old connections there...and deciding that she really can’t be on the ship or something. I mean I never would’ve had her leave in the first place, I would have shit-canned Neelix...but whatever. Maybe she should’ve have, in her non-corporeal advanced being state...become a recurring character on Q was for TNG, and have her get more powerful each time, and keep helping the ship get closer to home...Kes could’ve been the deciding factor for the series finale! Nope...she comes back once as a sort of psuedo-villain.

I don’t know I just found this episode to be weak, especially since it jaded me even more on the way the writers/producers handled Kes in the end. They dropped her unceremoniously and then brought her back for a one last shitty episode.

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