Temporal Distortions

Story: Shattered
Written By: Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Space anomaly, Chakotay jumps through time. Bored! Time jumps and space anomalies are just worn out. The only thing this episode does is shift through the different eras in Voyager’s history...and that just showcases how little characters have changed over the years.
This episode made me think how Janeway has just demoted and promoted Tom Paris on a whim, and promoted Tuvok without any kind of Starfleet approval...then why are Chakotay and Torres STILL wearing that “provisional” rank insignia? Why not just promote them with no authorization? Janeway’s a bitch.

At any rate, overused plot line and reliving Voyager’s past aren’t really my cup of tea.

NEXT TIME: Torres is Pregnant