My Fair Borg

Story: Someone to Watch Over Me
Written By: Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

Seven has been observing Torres and Paris in their courtship, and when that begins to irritate Torres, The Doctor begins to give Seven lessons in dating. Only to find he is developing feelings for the Borg himself. There is that sad element though...the Doctor's feelings aren't reciprocated.
Seven and the Doctor are clearly the strongest characters in the series, so having episodes focusing purely on them is going to yield better results than the standard Voyager fare. I think both actors give good performances, and the story is only helped by having no generic action plot for the third act, with genuine laughs and an element of heart (which this show so often neglects). I give the writer credit, the episode has a strong script...and with the actors help it turned out pretty well.

Neelix is essentially the focus of the B-story, which could be awful, but it is really about the guest on Voyager he is trying to show around, and the guest is played by Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall...who is great in the part.

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