Story: The Disease
Written By: Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

Kim is having a fling with some alien Voyager is working with (seriously how often can Voyager sustain itself when it gives so much of its tech to other aliens just because?), and for some reason or another it is a break of regulations. Since when? Whatever. It is a sudden romance episode...and I hate those. I’m a fan of romance, I really am, I just hate when the writers don’t do any of the leg work. I like to see a couple’s relationship develop from meeting to genuine friendship to actual relationship. Like Worf and Jadzia, I totally enjoyed watching them becoming a couple, but these one-offs? Lame.
So this one has Harry having this fling with a girl from this ship, and he develops some kind of STD from her in which he glows...and it is all rather uninteresting. Seriously...you need medical clearance to bang some alien chick? God McCoy must busy as hell with Kirk. Janeway is pissed at Harry, and like a dictator makes him break up with his girlfriend. Weird. If I were Harry I’d just fucking drop Voyager like a hat, and be with the chick, who would choose to stick with the TYRANT? Any how he breaks the rules and continues to bang the girl even though if he leaves her after they become so biological linked...she may die. But Kim doesn’t want to leave her, and he risks his “rank” (seriously he’s stuck at the bottom of the barrel fuck that rank).

Meanwhile this ship is a big generational ship, and apparently it isn’t the happy paradise the leaders would lead Voyager to believe. It is essentially a dictatorship! The girl Kim is banging and others are even sabotaging the generational ship because they hate it so much there. Who cares who wins. Kim has to choose between two dictatorships! Who cares which one he chooses (I barely care about Kim at all). Guess what he chooses in the end? Voyager! It was true love after all!

I didn’t particularly care for this one.

NEXT TIME: Dying Crew Members