Down Deep

Story: Thirty Days
Written By: Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

Paris relates a story to his father in a letter while he spends time in the Brig after being demoted to ensign and sentenced thirty days. The story involves Voyager discovering a planet that is entirely made up of an ocean...which is something I’ve actually always wanted to see. Unfortunately I think they screwed up the inhabitants of this planet by making them humanoid and not water dwelling. They should be fish people! I think that is a certain laziness on the writers part, they just make the alien race have yet another boring Westmore make-up design(there was a time early on when his work was great, but it is just stale by this point in Trek history) in which they just look like people in MAKE-UP.
Anyhow the story has Paris getting the chance to live a childhood dream of being as sea, something his father forced him to abandon for Starfleet. But in the sea Paris discovers that this alien race they’ve encountered are destroying their own home with their mining operations, and he and one member of that race take it upon themselves to stop the operation. Voyager stops him and then he gets his punishment.

It is actually a pretty solid episode, and I give all credit to McNeill for making the episode work. It is nice when this show doesn’t entirely suck.

NEXT TIME: Smuggling Telepaths