Story: Tsunkatse
Written By: Robert J. Doherty
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

During a time of shore leave, Voyager decides to enjoy Pro-Wrestling. I can only imagine this premise came from UPN...deciding to make some stupid fucking crossover between Smackdown and Star Trek: Voyager...two of their more popular shows at the time. Having the Rock in the episode only validates this theory. The issue here is that the two shows couldn’t be more different...obviously. This is not a crossover that should have happened (granted in my opinion most crossovers shouldn’t happen). Essentially Tuvok and Seven are captured and thrown into the fighting ring. I feel like I’ve seen this story in fantasy shows too often.
The episode does feature guest stars in J.G. Hertzler, better known as Martok and Jeffrey Combs, better known as Weyoun/Brunt on DS9 (he later had a recurring role as Shran on Enterprise too). I like both of these actors (and their prior contributions to Trek), but I don’t think they could’ve saved this episode’s bad story and premise at all.

NEXT TIME: Icheb, Mezoti, Azan, and Rebi