Captain Ransom

Story: Equinox, Part II
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

Janeway wants her revenge on Ransom, who stole a part, kidnapped Seven, and left her to the wolves that he provoked into attack in the first place. She doesn’t see what she is doing as revenge, even as she defines vendetta and then says “you wanna call that a vendetta? go ahead”. THATS THE VERY DEFINITION OF A VENDETTA. Meanwhile on the Equinox, Voyager’s Doctor has switched places with their own Doctor, and his ethical protocols are turned off and he begins to operate on Seven for codes to their stolen part.
It would be one thing if this bitchy revenge plot for Janeway was something new or different, but it is just the same ol’ character trait I have hated in her for so long. The writers constantly confuse “strong female” with “homicidal maniac.” They draw this parallel between her and Ransom, as if her pursuit of Ransom makes her into the same asshole he was, but fuck that...she acts this way and this stubborn all the fucking time. She is always, and I mean ALWAYS in the wrong, and these lazy fucking writers always let her be the winner cause she is the goddamned Captain. They chuck her awful lead of this ship to “the captain is always right.” Chakotay is always disagreeing with her, and he is usually right, yet she always wins, even when she goes with his plan she takes all the credit. I think she is the worst Captain in Starfleet in the history of the Federation. She is always a tyrant, and this episode was no new material, and thats what is irritating...that they try to write this as if she is acting “out of character.” She isn’t. This is too common a occurrence, because the writers are lazy as shit.

Anyhow, they try to paint Ransom as if he really is having a hard time with the decisions he has made, and as if his first officer is really the cold hearted one. But it is all rather inconsistent and uninteresting. I am just fed up with this show by this point. I wish Moore could’ve come in and really turned this staff around, but they were just as stubborn Janeway...and they weren’t going to work hard or make their show an enjoyable experience at any rate.

NEXT TIME: Moore’s First Voyager Episode