Story: Drive
Written By: Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Somehow Voyager’s unlimited resources come in handy as Paris and Kim hae built a second Delta Flyer...and in testing it out, they meet a woman in a small ship...and race her. This meeting leads to Paris learning of a much bigger race...and he decides to enter the Delta Flyer II in it. Janeway approves this race...because like the writers she also saw Phantom Menace and wanted to make that kind of money. This race is actually like a boring version of the Pod Race.
Tom screwed up though, he entered this race and forgot all about his big romantic plans with B’Elanna. He kind of hurts her feelings...because he’s being a douche. She does join him in the race instead of Harry. But thats okay, he makes it up to her by marrying her in the end of the episode. Note to guys: you get your girls mad just put a ring on that finger and all is forgiven (perfect way to start a relationship!) So they are hitched now. Woo.

I didn’t enjoy the race sidetracked b-story of the girl sabotaging her own ship, but whatever, who cares anymore? I think this show has totally jaded me. It is not the worst thing I’ve seen, but I just don’t care about the characters or events on this show enough to really get into the episodes, even when they don’t suck hardcore.