Aliens Without Music

Story: Virtuoso
Written By: Raf Green & Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

A race of aliens who believe themselves to be superior to Voyager and it’s crew in every way, are shocked when they hear the Doctor they’ve never heard music before. The Doctor becomes a sensation on the planet, a huge pop hit! So much so that he even decides to resign his commission and stay on the planet, until the very person who convinces him to stay creates a superior hologram who can hit more notes than the Doctor himself.
For a Doctor heavy episode, this one isn’t as strong as I would’ve liked or hoped. It is a little too much of a Voyager execution all around. I liked what little they actually did with the Doctor and Seven, but like I is very little.

Decent if only because Picardo is always giving his all, but mostly it is just average.

NEXT TIME: Atrocities