Inner Child

Story: Lineage
Written By: James Kahn
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

B’Elanna discovers she’s pregnant, and her and Tom begin to deal with their future parentage. Tom worries about becoming a father...and B’Elanna has to deal with who own childhood trauma issues. She had a rough time growing up part Klingon, and she doesn’t want her daughter to have to deal with that, so she considers removing strands of DNA to make her daughter not appear Klingon at all. Tom disagrees...and there is the drama of the episode.
I actually liked this, it dealt with a situation a lot of young married couples deal with when they are facing that first child. And B’Elanna deals with some of her major demons...the fact that she has held her self back more than her Klingon heritage actually did, although her dad was sort of a deadbeat too.

It is nice to see them not turn a nice simple drama into a big dumb action movie. So often they ruin a good story in favor of schlock. Well done.

NEXT TIME: Carrying Convicts