Dead Men Walking

Story: Repentance
Written By: Robert Doherty
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

Not to subtle allegory on the death penalty. Voyager helps some ship carrying death row inmates, and Voyager’s crew begins to debate this alien’s legal system...from the death penalty to who is actually convicted with the death penalty (rich can pay off victim’s families).
It is pretty tedious. I’m all for allegories on social issues, I just don’t like them to be so obvious. Or maybe I just didn’t think the execution was entertaining or even thought provoking. If you have a thought on the death penalty (I think I have a hard time justifying it) this would not sway you in the slightest, or even get you thinking about the subject.

The aliens turn out to be forced into being violent to be punished or something. I don’t know, it wasn’t keeping my interest long enough to give a shit.