Delta Flyer

Story: Extreme Risk
Written By: Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

While the Voyager crew attempts to build a new shuttle (I really don’t know why...they seem to have an endless amount of shuttles to lose or crash), Torres is ignoring some of her duties and friends (even Tom) and risking her own life in dangerous holoprograms with the safety off. Added into the mix is a conflict with the aliens we met in “Night” who were dumping pollutants into that void, who are also building some ship that for some odd reason the crew of Voyager has decided will be a sort of space race. I have no clue why they think it is imperative to beat these guys in building a similar ship...
Torres’ story is pretty decent she has been trying to harm herself ever since she learned of the deaths of so many Maquis members and the end of the Maquis altogether. I think it was well scripted, and Dawson plays it well.

The episode is stronger than Voyager’s average, but it is still stuck with the lame Delta Flyer plot and the space race thing.

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