Recreation of Starfleet Academy

Story: In the Flesh
Written By: Nick Sagan
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

Voyager discovers a recreation of Starfleet Academy that is absolutely dead on (down to Boothby), obviously their curiosity is peaked...and they soon discover that it is created by 8472, but for what reason? An all out invasion of Earth? Whatever the reason Janeway is determined to stop it.
Once again we get an episode with ambiguous motives and a gung-ho jacked up crazy Janeway ready to kill something. I really hate her stubborn streak, she gets something in her mind and she won’t stop under any circumstances or listen to other views or reason or her know how in TOS or TNG when the Enterprise would come across a ship with like a dead crew or that has been lost for a long time...and the Enterprise would get caught in the same trap but survive or escape because they are so damn clever? Janeway is the kind of Captain that is on that ship with the dead crew.

The episode is filled with silly paranoid conflicts between Voyager and 8472, but Janeway trying to prove that she and Voyager are on the moral high ground with 8472 is sort of hard when you realize that she totally took on 8472 without considering why they were embattled with the Borg.

I didn’t hate this one, it was okay. It had 8472, and they did a decent job of achieving some kind some kind of peace with them. All in all not a terrible episode, but it has your standard irritating Voyager issues.