Assaulting Maquis

Story: Repression
Written By: Mark Haskell Smith
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Someone is attacking former Maquis members on Voyager and putting them in some kind of weird coma. This is actually an effective way to make a horror movie episode, certainly much better executed than that Neelix ghost story episode from the previous season. I mean I wasn’t worried for main cast, but the scenes of these crew members being attacked were pretty well shot.
I sort of guessed that Tuvok was the one doing before it was revealed, so the shock was’t there for me. He is being affected by someone else (some weird Bajoran guy) in order to exact revenge on members of the Maquis on Voyager. It is somewhat interesting...but a little late.

Then the Maquis have some mind control thing reacted so that they take over Voyager. Why some Bajoran guy would ever put in some mind control thing for this purpose I don’t know. It sort of ruined the whole episode for me.

The Maquis conflict should have happened at least 6 years prior...but here we are in season 7 and they finally remembered to do a story on the Maquis. I think it is a little late in the series history to try this story out.

NEXT TIME: The Doctor is Kidnapped