Borg Malfunction

Story: Unimatrix Zero
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Several Borg slip off to a sort of Fantasy World where they can live as individuals while regenerating. The Queen wants to put an end to this, but these Borg contact Seven of Nine, who once spent a lot of time in “Unimatrix Zero”, and she is able to take Janeway in (with Tuvok’s help) and convince her to lead Voyager on a mission to free these Borg from the Collective or something. Janeway, B’Elanna, and Tuvok infiltrate the Borg Cube for this mission in order to exploit this apparent weakness and inject the Borg with a virus, and all three are assimilated...and Voyager leaves them. Cliffhanger!
I actually don’t even care in the slightest. The pacing was all off in this one. I’ll admit to being able to go with most of the Borg episodes Voyager cooked up, even when they felt sort of overused and not nearly as strong as TNG had made the Borg out to be...I still was able to find something to enjoy in those episodes. But this one just left me cold. I was barley interested in what was going on...and everything from just your standard Borg-fight fare...from the Queen to the boring Voyager crew...I swear the Chakotay/Janeway relationship is the most depressing thing. They can disagree on things, but no matter what Chakotay just follows her blindly. It’s tiring!

Having Voyager crew members assimilated also felt a little tired...Trek's first great cliffhanger was just that...and it left such a mark on the franchise that no one forgot it. Only difference here was that it seemed like a plan to be assimilated, and that it was more than just one person being assimilated. And because they are main cast, we know they are coming back.

Personally I didn’t care for this, but I’m sure Voyager fans and Borg enthusiasts would disagree.

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