Doctor’s Memory

Story: Latent Image
Written By: Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

There has a been a small string of rather solid episodes this season. Solid doesn’t mean good or great, but decently executed, not as mind boggingly stupid as this show can be. This one can be attributed to a few factors, it has a decent mystery/conspiracy story, the two characters it focuses on are the Doctor and Seven (which is always a good sign), and its moral issues brought up are fairly well executed.
Essentially the Doctor is discovering that some of his memories have been deleted, and as he and Seven begin to investigate, it is soon learned that Janeway herself tampered with his memories. Her stubborn nature is as irritating as ever, but Picardo and Ryan definitely overcome her silly stubborn streak with good performances.

If only they had written Janeway better, or cast her with a better actress, this show could be so much better. Good episodes are often bogged down by her, and I think that is a real shame.

NEXT TIME: Photonic Life-Forms on the Holodeck