Story: Critical Care
Written By: James Kahn
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Some guy named Gar made a series of shady trades, and Voyager has been caught up in the mix, because they are constantly susceptible to con artists. In the process he kidnapped the Doctor and traded him to a ship where they treat patients in a sort of class system, treating them in order of importance in society instead of saving the most lives in the right way. The Doctor can’t live that way, and focuses on giving the proper treatment to all patients. Meanwhile Voyager tries to track down the Doctor and Gar.
It has Larry Drake as a guest star, which I find amusing because I enjoy Darkman. It has Picardo’s best efforts and a solid premise, but it feels a little tired. Voyager just feels like a very worn out TNG by this point...well by Season 5.

So average episode with a decent enough premise and a Doctor-focus...if you just enjoy focusing more on Picardo it is a winner, but don’t expect something really special.

NEXT TIME: Ferengis Want Some Seven