The Doctor is Sent Home

Story: Life Line
Written By: Robert Doherty, Raf Green, and Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Voyager gets a message from home, and the Doctor is informed that Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, his creator, is dying. The Doctor can see a way of treating his creator and asks Janeway to send his data-stream home in order to treat Zimmerman. So in this episode we get double the Picardo, Barclay, and Troi...and a lot less of the rest of the Voyager crew. Solid plan for success.
I like Picardo’s crusty old bastard version of Zimmerman. I also just enjoy seeing Barclay...and how bad is Voyager’s crew if Troi makes me feel nostalgic? You really get to see how far the Doctor has come since the beginning of Voyager, he has really expanded beyond his initial treat and deactivate programming.

I definitely enjoyed this one, and I think this is really what the show should just be. I know that makes little sense, but I just find these kind of stories to be far more effective than most other Voyager episodes.

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