Klingon Afterlife

Story: Barge of the Dead
Written By: Bryan Fuller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

It is sort of fitting that the final episode ever worked on in Trek (oh maybe someday that could change...wouldn’t that be lovely) that Ronald D. Moore worked on is a Klingon mythology focused episode. B’Elanna returns from a shaky shuttle mission and begins experiencing some hallucinations. It is discovered there is a piece of Klingon metal trapped on her shuttle’s nacelle, and then she sees blood..and everyone goes Klingon crazy...before she is suddenly she is told she is dead, and taken onto the Barge of the Dead to take her to Klingon Hell. And then her mother arrives, just before she wakes up on Voyager. She can’t shake that feeling that it was all real, and wants to return to the Barge to save her mother before she is sent to that Klingon Hell.
It is actually a solid episode, thanks in no small part to the grand daddy of the Klingon culture Moore, and a teleplay by Bryan Fuller, who created and wrote for several series I really enjoy (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and the first season of Dead Like Me). I think Dawson does a decent enough job to make this high concept Klingon after life episode work. It isn’t terribly exciting, but I think it gets the job done where Moore couldn’t fit it in to DS9.

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