Changing the Past

Story: Timeless
Written By: Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

A shaky new engine design could take Voyager all the way home, but Paris determines that the engine just won’t work. Kim is fucking determined though, and comes up with a plan to possibly compensate for the issues Paris finds. The plan went disastrously wrong though, and only Kim and Chakotay survived in the Delta Flyer, with the whole crew dying when it crash landed on an ice planet.
Voyager has decided to return to the “quick fix that doesn’t really work” plot line, along with more fake deaths, and an alternate future and lame temporal hijinks. Older jaded Kim is sort of a dick due to his guilt over pretty much killing everyone.

It is one of those episodes that makes you think they have written character development, but in actuality they haven’t at all...since everything is NEGATED by the end of the episode. I hate the quick fix endings, in which everybody lives...sure they aren’t home, but that's just how Voyager keeps its premise going. The idea that such a risky plan would be permitted by the ship's Captain is mind boggling, she is the worst Captain in Starfleet!

Hey the episode has a nice cameo from Geordi La Forge as the Captain forced to fight Chakotay and Kim’s plan to alter history. But that isn’t really enough to make the episode worthwhile.

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